Sandfort Shoes | Shoe Care
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Follow these tips, it will help you extend the life of your Sandfort Shoes.
We recommend always take turns in the shoes you have in your closet. Continued use of them for several days is not convenient for them.
The sweat produced by the foot takes more than 24 hours to evaporate from the shoe; An excess of accumulated moisture will contribute to create cracks in the skin once get dry.
For rainy days drying the skin of your shoes should occur naturally, introduce newspaper pages inside can help to dry faster. The mud remains will be removed with a soaked sponge. When the shoe get dry you will apply cream with a cloth, and extended with a brush. We particularly recommended to finish cleaning them by shine with an “executive sock” that does not serve them, you will see how the result you will get is unbeatable.
Use bolts or extenders. Ideally, they were the original shoe. They help to eliminate the wrinkles of the blade and maintain the volume with which the last “sculpted” the shoe.
For cleaning use a quality cream or bitumen. Both products are effective for this task. The golden rule would be the application of small amount of product with a used cloth and the final finish with a suede or executive sock as before formulated. You can also opt for a high gloss finish, moisten the cloth with a few drops of water.
For suede there are brushes of copper bristles, and others of mixed bristles, copper and nylon not aggressive, that will help to maintain the skin.