Sandfort Shoes | History
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Our shoes are hand-made by craftsmen in Spain, using first class materials such as boxcalfs and suede, for they create fine top quality shoes. On the interior of the shoes, they are line with calf leather, furthermore they have 100% leather insoles. Both soles and the covers for the heels of all our models are finished in treated leather, which makes it a great achievement to produce. On the other hand, for a higher level of comfort, in its careful assembly supports, exquisite finishes and top quality materials are used to provide greater flexibility in the shoe. Finally, the execution of the shine is finished by hand, by professionals using natural waxes, obtaining the perfect finish
The brand Sandfort Shoes was born from the idea of its two founders to produce a shoe with personality, with unique attention to detail, especially cared for with fine finishes, with different perforated soles aesthetically appealing, with a unique shape, purified, obtained, collected in their appearance. In short, a truly exceptional product that has been very carefully produced to make whomever is wearing this shoe feel unique and comfortable.


In this collection, Sandfort Shoes rescues old styles, from the 30s and 50s, adapting them to modern life to achieve a distinctive character. This limited collection of shoes is unique and exclusive, designed as much for the summer and as for the winter, therefore some of the models can easily be used for day to day wear and others for occasions, special moments, that require a fine shoe.